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Oldair (CLEO) - приборная панель самолета
[ Скачать с сервера (153.5Kb) ] 17.01.2010, 18:13
Set to word wrap to read.

You must make sure your Cleo installation is fully up to date or crash time, pm me because you haven't and I will 
not bother replying. Get it here: http://sannybuilder.com/
Select and download the v3.03 (maybe later depending when you download this) of SannyBuilder and install it per 
instructions. Be sure to direct the Cleo part of the installation to your GTASA root folder.
The oldair.txd file needs copied into SanAndreas/models/txd folder and copy the oldair.cs into the SanAndreas/Cleo folder.
Then you must download and install ASI Loader from this location:

  *Again I advise you make sure your Cleo is fully up to date before installing the files.*

The Airspeed is in Knots, altitude in feet. The Radar Altitude gives the direct height above the ground below and 
the larger altitude dial is altitude from sea level.

Autopilot operation:
To set course just go into the map screen and use the position marker to set the point you want to fly to,
the aircraft will then automatically adjust its course to fly to this point. When the point is reached the aircraft 
will fly around or hover at the point until told otherwise.
To set a new point there is no need to disengage the autopilot, just set the new point at the map screen and it 
will then fly to this new destination.
You must initially be above 100 feet radar altitude before activating, once above 100 radar feet press the HOME key 
to activate it. The autopilot light will come on and Gear UP(when in a plane) will be indicated.
To release the autopilot press either the END key, brake or primary fire.
When activated the autopilot will hold the current altitude of when you pressed the HOME button, be aware you may 
be too low for the area you are travelling to and the aircraft may crash or become erratic. Especially when 
activated in Helis as they wont even try to avoid buildings.

Note for Gostown:
To fly over or to a point within the central lot area it is required to fly to 2600 feet on the main altitude dial 
before setting the auto pilot, or you will either crash or experience the anti 9/11 measures R* coded into the 
autopilot opcode. Helis are exempt however and will fly to the coordinates regardless.

Screenshot mode:
Press DELETE to remove all HUD elements.
Press INSERT to redisplay all the hidden HUD elements

Widescreen Mode:
The script automatically adjusts to suit this setting if you select it in the main game display advanced options.

Linkeh in case you need to download file again.

Happy flying,

Big thanks to my highly trained test pilot team, GTAuron and Picolini.
Their fearless efforts and true grit helped bring this mod to you, especially Auron who had no parachute available when testing this out.
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